Type enthusiast, layout mastermind, and creator of all things done with tender, love, and care.
Along with my career path, my personal life is heavily influenced by the arts. I come from a whole family of artists and thanks to the loving and supporting people around me, I gradually found my way to graphic design. Once I found I can still draw and incorporate it into what I can do for a living, I was sold! I ditched portraits and started sketching out names. No regrets, not even one letter.

Entering my third year in this field, I can proudly say the more I letter the more I love it! I still enjoy this craft since the day I began. I enjoy challenges and working with people from all kinds of backgrounds. Design is more than a creative way in solving problems; it's an opportunity to work and be able to connect with people in the community. I also like warm weather, and walks on the beach. Let's be friends!
Word on the street (what people are saying)
“Mackenzie has been a great addition to our design team … She brings a tremendous enthusiasm for the job, a desire to continue learning and growing as a designer and a personality that is pleasant to be around. Mackenzie has shown through her portfolio and projects that she has worked on since starting with our team, that she is a talented designer with a great eye for typography and design layout and will only continue to grow throughout her career with experience. I am very happy to have Mackenzie as part of our team.” 

Chris McCarty
Design Manager at Spectrum

“... She was a strong student in class. She has a great work ethic, communicates well with others, and has great people skills. While in class she met all of her deadlines with creative solutions, and alway had a positive outlook on things.”

Omar Martinez
Professor at Full Sail University
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